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My Approach

My role as a Psychodynamic counsellor is to support my clients identify how conscious and unconscious processes may affect the quality of life. Once we raise an unconscious process into conscious awareness, we can then develop how we react to it. My aim in therapy is to help my client give a voice to aspects of themselves that may be unattended to, ignored or avoided. Please click the following link to read more about the Psychodynamic model. Read more about Psychodynamic therapy


client participation

All a prospective client needs to bring is themselves. This can be easier said than done. As well-meaning members of society, we usually aim to present ourselves in the best possible light. However, to bring the 'whole self' may mean revealing some parts that reside in the shadow. The 'shadow aspect' is a term identified by Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Jung which refers to the less desirable parts of our personalities. Working through this with a counsellor can play an important part of the therapy.


My Qualifications & Experience

Professional memberships





I am registered with both the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy & The British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy and bound by their Ethical Framework for Good Practice . BACP /UKCP



I hold an Advanced Diploma in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy from Westminster Pastoral Foundation (WPF) , recognised as a leading  counselling and psychotherapy  training organisation.


A Postgraduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Theory and Practice awarded by Roehampton University


My career has been shaped through my work with children, adolescents and adults, supporting them to recognise and develop ways of working through their own personal distress. A common theme amongst each indivdual, is the need for a secure space where they can think about and share their experience. My private practice was established in 2011 and continues to support a growing number of individuals.