Hello and welcome to my website. By arriving at this site I imagine you or someone close to you has shown an interest in starting counselling. Within these pages I aim to introduce myself and my approach, as well as provide links to other reputable support services.


Whether you do or do not have previous experience of counselling, starting with a new therapist can feel like a daunting proposition. There is a potential for increased anxiety on top of the original thoughts and feelings which led you to seeking out a counsellor at this time. I consider this an important first step to acknowledge. Within my private practice I work on the notion that within the therapeutic space thought carries value. It is the ‘value’ placed on thought that we explore. This varies between individuals and informs how we, as individuals, develop our relationships, how we survive trauma, and how we relate to ourselves.

The Therapeutic Setting

Counselling is not a substitute for family/friendship bonds or the networks we have available to us. Instead, it is a space to explore how we interact with, influence and at times survive the effects they have upon us. The therapy setting offers the security and support required to attend to what can feel like intense and intrusive thoughts or feelings. It is important we listen to these thoughts and the associated feelings, to acknowledge how they are reflected in our actions/behaviours.

My practice operates within a team of counsellors and psychotherapists in Victoria, central London. Our rooms carry a quiet and warm feel, giving a sense of calm in our busy London location.

Below is a list of issues I support:

  1. Abuse
  2. Affairs & Betrayals
  3. Anger
  4. Anxiety
  5. Attachments & Insecurities
  6. Depression
  7. Drug & Alcohol Use
  8. Family
  9. Fear of Rejection
  10. Gender Specific
  11. Intimacy
  12. Jealousy & Envy
  13. Loss & Bereavement
  14. Low Self Esteem
  15. Race/Culture/Difference
  16. Relationships
  17. Separation & Abandonment
  18. Sexuality
  19. Shame & Embarrassment
  20. Sibling Rivalry
  21. Surviving Traumatic Experiences
  22. Unresolved Childhood Experiences
  23. Unfulfilled Need & Attention Seeking
  24. Work Related